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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
It should come with a case to begin with, no one wants a bare board hanging out the side of their a500 where it can be easily accidentally damaged.
Yes, well, you certainly can't hook it up to the livingroom TV and let your kids try Amiga without protecting it from spilled lemonade etc

Maybe this first batch are made that way just for easy testing? Because he originally designed the card to be put inside. He could be out of room inside, but I think it fits even with an ACA1232 plugged in Or maybe he needed more than the 68000's signals, and didn't like a mess of clip-on adapters. Or maybe he wanted to put the CF slots directly on the board.

Maybe all will be made clear by Herr Schönfeld himself.

Either way, a simple "cartridge" type case as suggested by kipper2k would fit the bill for most of those buying this, I think.

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