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ACA500 status update (some nice progress these past few days):

* the A500plus problem I was referring to earlier has been resolved.

* A1000 WOM can be supported, needs further testing - this is in preparation of the special A1000 version. While the ACA500 works on an A1000, it's not recommended for mechanical reasons.

* startup problems with ACA1232 are solved (had some intermediate trouble with trapdoor memory recognition - now solved)

* loading Kickstart from A1000-Kickdisk is supported; Kick1.2 will be patched on-the-fly to properly support ACA500 fastmem

* timing of all local expansion ports and IDE/CF is verified positive. Clockport is faster then A1200-clockport, which may or may not cause incompatibilities with clockport hardware. Tests still need to be done with actual hardware (verification so far only with a logic analyzer).

* The ACA500 can now be switched off "almost completely" with a jumper, reducing it to a plain 68k CPU@14MHz with just chipram and trapdoor mem - all other functions are switched off. This is just a few percent faster than a stock A500, so accelerator-unfriendly software has a higher probability to work without the need to unplug the unit.

* our patched IDE driver is now stable, even with two CF cards at the same time.

* the ACA500 ROM got a FAT auto-mounter that not only mounts a FAT-formatted CF card, but even boots from it. Long file names supported, otherwise s/startup-sequence could not be used ;-)

There's still one huge point on my list: I need to investigate why the ACA1220 does not work with the ACA500.

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