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I have had many Competition USB from Speedlink until earlier this year. I did not have much lag. But... they only lasted for half a year! I play WinUAE very often and after half a year some directions started to not react properly any more.

I opened the micro switches and found out that they looked a little burnt inside, like there must have been electric arcs in it.

I got a real Amiga Competition Pro and used itīs micro switches in the USB. Same result after half a year. Burnt micro switches.

Now I am trying to cope with a XBox 360 gamepad and elder gameport gamepads with adapter. Donīt want to buy a new crappy nonsense joystick twice a year!

I did not read anything about this problem anywhere, but I suppose itīs only because I really game a lot! I think most others that got that joystick only play it on occasion, so they will need ten years until this error occurs.
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