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One of my favourite 68k demo supporting RTG is Multiverse by Loonies:

Most of the latest demos from RNO, Dekadence, Unique and Zenon do work on RTG too. And I think Ephidrena's demos too. And all "demos" made with Karate.

There are quite many demos during the years if you start digging, but unfortunately I don't remember all right now Wasn't there some page which did list RTG compatible games and demos?

Originally Posted by bonkers View Post
To my knowledge the only 68k demo that *requires* gfx card is Mocap by Floppy from Mekka Symposium 2001. Never seen it as I do not have the hardware.
Well, at least this requires 3D gfx card on 68k.. ReBirth by Push:
It works at least with Permedia2 (B/CVision) and Voodoo3. I haven't tried with Virge... It also works on next gen systems with 68k/warp3d support like on MorphOS.
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