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I have a Competition Pro USB Blue edition (Pictured here:

I haven't noticed what I would call severe lag. I made a small Amiga program to test (relative) latency between gamepads/joysticks a while ago, and I don't remember the exact results, but I think the Competition Pro USB Blue ended up with 10-20 ms more input lag in FS-UAE than when I used a Dual Shock 3 controller, and I think the Competition Pro was the worst performer among those I tested.

The one I had was identified in Linux as Mosic SPEED-LINK Competition Pro (i.e. the real manufacturer was Mosic I guess). It is possible that there has been a production run by the same or another company with worse latency...

EDIT: I don't really use it by the way, I use a real Zip Stik with a DB9 to USB converter from Turns out I don't really like the feel of the Competition Pro...
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