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Originally Posted by mcbone View Post
so if it like old 3.1 why he or her say it betterwb that like say i get bettera500 same inside old a500 just add more ram
If you read the description it will tell you what extra's are included:

-New and Improved datatypes for gif, jpg, bmp, png, pcx, ilbm, tga, tiff, wav and cdxl media
-Modern backup tool (ABackup) that replaces the ancient one from 3.1
-New Removable media partition mounter (SCSIMounter)
-New System snooper (SnoopDOS)
-Fast and easy to use floppy disk copier application (SuperDuper)
-Say, the text to speech utility is back again
-New commodities: GrabIFF, WBGauge, SwazInfo, AssignWedge, SmartWin, IconAppearer, AltTab, UnixDirs3, ToolAlias, ClickNot and AddMenu, DontShowIborder, ModePro and MagicMenu
-66 additional workbench printer drivers (take a peek at your SYS:Storage drawer)
-Three new monitor drivers for improved video support (HD720, HighGFX and SuperPlus)
-A complete set of manuals that explain all these new features (See inside HELP: )
-New more flexible handlers (GrabIFFHandler, port-handler and speak-handler)
-A couple of upgraded, and new system commands (Info, Installer, Reboot, SetPatch, Version, Break, Join, Copy, Sort, Avail, WBRun, Add44k, DMS)
-XPKMaster offers a data compression/decompression library available to programs that support it
-Reworked WBPattern preferences with more options
-Hypercom and IOblix, parallel and serial port expansion boards, support
-New Finder utility that lets you search for any given pattern
-ShowConfig has been replaced by the powerful WhichAmiga
-New text editor with a huge feature set (TextEngine)
-HDInsTools replaces the aging HDToolBox, supporting more storage media and alternative filesystems out of the box
-Totalcalc is a replacement calculator that can even be configured as an advanced scientific one
-MinStack increases the default stack size for programs to 8KB (Can be configured to any size)
-Enhanced Serial prefs program with more options
-FastFileSystem 44.5 patches NSD64 devices to support drives bigger than 4GB (upto 8GB)
-PatchRam fixes a long standing bug in ram-hadler. The Ramdisk now displays correct usage, and not 100% all the time
-Smaller and faster picture.datatype that speeds up image display operations
-Bugfixed and faster serial.device
- A greatly enhanced Shell console with a ton of neat features (ZShell)
-The famous LHA archiver command is installed in its latest incarnation
-Queue-Handler has been bugfixed
-An incredibly faster mathtrans.library with an extra feature is included
-Jaztools is a commandline tool to handle ZIP and JAZ drives
-A low resource and flexible filemanager is now present (DirWork)
-Support for FAT and FAT32 volumes is achieved with fat95
-The fastest Amiga filesystem, PFS3, and its associated tools are now included
-Corrected the ancient "Pure" bit omision in the original AmigaOS 3.1 distribution
-Macintosh floppy format (HFS) and proper mountlist (MAC0) implementation
-Highly enahnced and optimised cdrom filesystem with many new features such as: Long filename support, Macintosh HFS, multiple
session, hybrid (audio+data), and iso 9660 cdrom support
-Rexxsyslib.library got bugfixed (WaitDosPacket)
-Mathieeedoubbas.library has now the MathIEEE comparision fixed that was broken in its earlier version
-IPrefs features now an increased stack to avoid stack overflows when loading worbkench backdrop pictures
-Mfm.device got a stack increase to avoid problems with some programs
-New and powerfull workbench system format
-Compact Disk player with lots of great features (ACDPlay)
-SetJoyPort is a program that improves the chances of using a CD32 style joypad with all games

-Midi support for many programs with camd.library and the Midiports preferences
-New graphic interface that lets you rad and write back adf and dms floppy images.
-There is a new preference program that lets you easily handle the WBStartup
and the Commodities drawer.
-TagLiFE is a simple patch for the utility.library that installs a
new set of optimized assembler routines to get faster TagList support.
-PatchWB solves many workbench bugs
-Many minor tweaks and other bugfixes
This Workbench pack isn't too add extra eye candy it is to add extra datatypes, fixes, libs and useful utilities that are not included with the original Workbench 3.1
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