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Roland Garros 2001 Developed by Cryo . Published by Paranace

You know, when I got this game, I was ready for some fun tennis action. Roland Garros 98 for my PC was a rather good game, and this one was released AFTER Virtua Tennis, the best tennis game ever, so they have some standard to beat.

When the game fired up, I got a cracktro from Paradox! Great, a trip into the past! The cracktro even has a tune form an Amiga cracktro, and also has a 60hz/50hz option! Great stuff.

Then the intro comes, and I see a known logo.. the game was developed by Cryo, the guys behind KGB and Dune for amiga, two nice adventure games, though this isn't exactly my fav genre. I think they also made the poop Megarace, but whatever. It's a developing team back from the Amiga days, so I was enjoying the trip so far.

Then after a cliched intro, I get past the options screen and go straight to an exhibition game. I have to choose a player, and the first real wrong thing comes... the graphics are HORRIBLE. I mean, they are REALLY ugly, I don't remember seen 3D models as bad as this ever. I think "Well, I can live with that, if the game can be as fun as the 98 edition for PC".

Of course, it wasn't. I begin serving, and this is easily enough to do, yet it requires some skill... nicely designed. Then my opponet returns the ball, I run to the ball and press the X button (The button supposed to hit the ball), but nothing happens.

WTF, I think.. I try again.. and again.. and again... It's like it's just impossible to hit the ball for me. After the 1st set is already 4-0, I notice I can't be holding my d-pad whiling hitting the ball. I have to run to the ball, DROP the D-Pad and then press X.

Now this is completely STUPID. I never played real Tennis in my life, I dunno if I have to stop my legs from moving to hit the ball or something, but I don't want this to be real, I want this to be FUN and PLAYABLE. If I am running to the ball, it's most obvious that I will not drop the D-Pad to hit X. And if I do, I probably won't reach the ball.

So, ok, I need to have ESP powers to guess where my opponent will send the ball so I can be there before the ball, DROP the D-Pad and press X, BUT... how do I choose where I will send the ball? Simply, I HOLD the X button, and press left and right, and a cross will show where the ball will go. The longer you press the X button, further from the net the cross moves.

Now, if it's nearly impossible to be fast enough to reach the ball, DROP the Dpad AND press X Button, how long does it wants me to KEEP pressing the X button to have a half decent hit?

And it doesn't matter how much you practice - the game has a training mode, and I used it for a while - but I can't see how can I get better in the game. It became incredibly frustating very fast. All you can do is guess where the ball will go before your opponent hits it, then hold X, and hope that you guessed correctly.

And have I mentioned about the crap point of view? The game is seen from above with 3D graphics and all. and it zooms in and out to fit the action properly. Trouble is, the zoom doesn't seem to work as it should, as the player in the bottom will most of time just dissapear from the screen with some stupid zooms in.

I have played many Tennis games in my life, but this is undoubtly the worst one I ever played (Even Advanced Tennis Simulator on the old Spectrum was better than this). Play this, then if you can get a Dreamcast, get it, and get Virtua Tennis.
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