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Shatterhand's PSX crap games thread

I don't know if anyone is aware of this (Or if anyone cares), but I recently bought my first PSX system ever... There are like half a dozen of games on this system that I just love, and I am eagerly hoping to find more..

But.. man, how I begin to regret getting it... ok, just Castlevania SoTN, Metal Gear Solid and Winning Eleven 2000 are already enought for make me wanting this system, and there's even more games that are nice enough.

But.. firstly, the console came with 2 joypads.. they lasted exactly TWO weeks, both are malfunctioning now. I know they are clones, not original PSONE controllers, so I accept I should had asked one original controller instead of 2 clones. So, I went out and bought a Dual Shock Controller... I asked the seller if that was a clone or an original, she tells me it's a clone, and I will have real trouble finding original controllers here for a decent price. Also, she told me those controllers really suck and won't last long.

Anyway, I brought this controller home, and of course, it wasn't working properly too. the analogue button isn't working.

If this problem was not enough.. man, I am back to the 70s or something? The games are UGLY. My MSX games looked a lot better than most of those 3D games. And they are JERKY! God, I used to have 50 fps on my beloved Amiga, now it seems I have to be happy when I have about 17 fps....

But, well, ok, I can live with that, if the games have good gameplay... I already got a nice collection of about 15-20 (Pirates... don't even try to search an original here, they are rare as hell, or so I am told), and either I am really unlucky, or there's a BIG amount of really crap games out there.

So, if no one minds, I would like to list some of those REALLY crap games. I think no system has more bad games than the PSX, and I only have it for like 2 weeks.

Oh, and if this should be on off-topic, a mod can change it. And if nodoby gives a damn about crap PSX games, then tell me and I'll stop bugging you
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