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Floppy disk AmigaAnywhere soon to become AmigaEverywhere

The last few announcement from Amiga Games Inc., along with Patrick Roberts' interview on Retro Gamer Magazine Issue 119 ( prompted me to investigate a little bit.

Nothing new under the sun here, just wanted to share some bits and ask some questions, if anyone is interested (me left the Amiga scene during the AmigaDE/AmigaAnywhere days).

Ok, so, Patrick Roberts is President and Chief Operating Officer of Amiga Games Inc (

He is the same Patrick Roberts ( that in 2000 designed the AMIE Console concepts (

He is the same Patrick Roberts that in 2001 worked at Edivision LLC on some AmigaAnywhere contents (

Then, going to assume that he's/he'll work closely with Darren Debono, owner at Elysian Labs (

Darren Delbono worked as a software developer for 4 years at Amiga Inc., he's now an Amiga Inc. consultant and responsible for the recent AmigaAnywhere-based ports to the BlackBerry devices (

And speaking of AmigaAnywhere, noticed the similarity between the AmigaDE user interface ( and the AmigaOS5 concept design by Matt Chaput (

Is it correct to say that Elate was the OS and AmgaAnywhere (called AmigaDE at the time) was just the software development environment?

A clarification from former Amiga Inc. developer Bolton Peck:

Intent was the underpinning, Elate was Tao's GUI layer. The underpinning was very dependent on host hardware and software-it couldn't even access CD drives or removable media until we made it do so. Their Elate GUI layer was, well, let's say it wouldn't give Amiga Workbench 1.0 a run for its money. Our coding department worked mightily for years to get it going, but it was just too much of a kludge to be really useful in the real world-the promised sound, 2D and 3D acceleration never saw the light of day.

From the images linked above you can see the "AmigaOS5-like" gadgets inside the main "intent/Linux graphics" window. Main window gadget is more similar to the Elate screenshot.

It reminds me - in a way - of AROS Hosted.

Two funny coincidences:

- In 2.000 AmigaDE was called AMIE (like Patrick Roberts' Console concept:

- The initial ideas for Tao's Elate technology came from Chris Hinsley (, among other things author of Onslaught (

<del>Putting together all pieces: after all, AmigaAnywhere is/was AmigaOS5 ( ;-)</del>

So it seems all Tao-based work had been scrapped in AA2, and then the supposedly on-schedule-and-rocking Amiga OS5 was not to be based on Tao technology at all:

Bill McEwen: Amiga OS 5 is NOT built on top of Intent and it is not related to Tao. This is 100% Amiga and yes there is a path from OS 4 to OS 5.


Don't know if work started on this Tao-less OS5, but in the end Amiga Inc. admitted AA2 = OS5:



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