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Originally Posted by moijk View Post
Not sure if it has been brought up, but the network/usb module thingy. is that "if i get around to do anything with it, it is at least space on the card" or "It is in the pipeline"
Not yet in the pipeline, but close to it. I'm thinking of a single USB module that fits all major targets:

- X-Surf-100 local expansion port
- clockports (including ACA500 clockport)

Since the clockport is a fairly slow 8-bit interface, I'll have to make some kind of adapter that translates between the 34-pin multiplexed expansion port of the ACA500 and the 48-pin local port of the X-Surf-100, so you can also gain higher USB speed with the ACA500. This adapter will most likely also have a 100MBit Ethernet port, which is the reason for the writing near that port.

Before anyone asks: The two ports on ACA500 and X-Surf-100 have been added to the designs with almost no additional logic. Making them uniform would have meant higher cost for at least one of the cards, and I didn't want to do that.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Now the only question is if he will produce enough of them to meet the demand!
The ACA500 has been developed with two big goals in mind: First to bring back "old Amigans" to the hobby and second, to lower the cost of actually being in the "hobby Amiga". To reach that 79,90 EUR goal, I need to make quite a few more than for other projects, otherwise I'd be losing money. Rest assured that there's enough for you and most of your friends who have owned an A500 back in the days.

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