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A600 games rig

Originally Posted by kixs View Post
Hi there!

I'm new here and also new to Amiga scene... In that era I had Atari 8-bit and then gone over to PC. But I always wanted Amiga

I've been using WinUAE, on and off since 1998 (also Fellow), but now I've decided to go for the real thing

My primary use is for WHD games and to connect it to standard TV or to my computer via Winfast TV Expert.

One is selling A600HD, completely standard with 20MB hdd for €60 and he doesn't want to sell it for less. He says it had 4GB hdd in it. So I guess it has correct ROM.

Another one contacted me and says he has 3 A1200 and some extensions (even PPC one) for it. Various roms. But he doesn't know if it works and right now he doesn't have the time to try it out. He didn't say about the price but mentioned about the money he spent back then.

I don't want to pay rediculus money for it.

Ok... as I said I want it for WHD games and would like your opinion what configuration do you recommend. I read some other threads but would like to have it all in one.

Would A600 be any good for it? It has only 1MB memory. As far as I read on this forum, standard A1200 with 2MB memory is also not recommended.

Is this really so?

Are standard A600 and A1200 really no good for WHD games or what? Do I really need to extend atleast the memory?

hi just thorght id tell my experience keep the a600 cose to stock but add a 2 meg chip upgrade its made a huge difrence for me personally for old ecs/ocs games you would be hard pushed to find a better setup
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