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How about creating an enhanced Kickstart 1.3 ROM? A lot of people are using their A600's as small WHDLoad machines, but for older games Kick 1.3 is still the most compatible system. But you're loosing the harddisk then.

There is the patch which adds the scsi.device into the Kick 1.3 ROM so that it's bootable from the A600's IDE controller. But after this patch it ain't no more a 256K ROM, it will extend to a 512K with more than 200K free then. Because not all A600's have more than the Chip-RAM extension, it could be useful to use the free space in the ROM to add the components which came in the bigger ROMs.

Important components should be:

- resident AmigaDOS commands like in 2.x and 3.x
- best FFS for 1.3
- patch for disk booting from FFS and/or multiboot

additional components:

- gadtools.library for 1.3
- 1.3 versions of reqtools.library and powerpacker.library
- rexxmaster and rexxsupport.library (at least the ones from 2.x are working on 1.3)

I presume the most people would like a new boot screen pic or similar an anim. But it should be using a white screen like on Kick 1.3, f.e. something like this. I also had in the early 90's on my A500 a workbench enchancement for 1.3 that added functions like on 2.0+, but I don't know the name anymore. As I remember, it also wasn't too stable.

The name could be Kickstart 1.6, so it's far enough away from the 1.4 alpha/beta versions, and also because was designed for the Amiga 600. There should be a method to detect the new ROM using the version command.

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