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Re: Amiga on Wired

Originally posted by Burseg
I found this link on UAE discussion board, still a funny place with trolls and idiot questions,1284,57023,00.html

Check number 9!
9. The new Amiga: Earlier this year, fans of the Amiga were in a tizzy about the prospect of a revival of the comatose platform: Both new machines and a new operating system were promised. Suffice it to say, neither are readily available.

"Some retailers and the Amiga website are taking orders for systems, but 'selling' and 'shipping' are two very different things," wrote reader Russ Van Winkle.

Swift Griggs added: "I've heard promises now for three years. Amiga Inc. has delivered nothing but lies and hot air now for three years, just like everyone who has come before them in the post-Commodore Amigan holocaust."

Lies and hot air...

About time the pundits acknowleged this. Ever since my old ISP was contacted for posting shareware on a newsgroup, I knew Amiga, INC was full of shit. They were even shutting down porn sites for a while... SPANISH porn sites that had the audacity to mention "AMIGA"...

What ever happened to Gary Peake? I always wanted to tussle his hair.

Oh, and MOO3 went gold last week.
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