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Originally Posted by lost_loven View Post
Looked at subway and 133 cdn gets you integrated 4x port hub ,highspeed clockport for fast data transfers, 2 x holding plates with two USB connectors each and disk with drivers on it for keyboards mouse and what ever else..
On Subway, literally nothing is high-speed. The clockport is the slowest port that has ever existed for the Amiga (about the speed of the C64 bus), and the USB ports are full-speed, meaning 12MBit.

The USB module I'm working on is a high-speed USB module, meaning 480MBit per port, which you won't be able to saturate even with the highest-speed CPU accelerators. If you care about the number of USB ports, get a 10-dollar-USB hub from the PC store round the corner.

Also, Poseidon isn't exactly free. Commercial products require a license, and I have purchased that. In turn, it must be paid with the commercial product that is Poseidon-powered.

Originally Posted by lost_loven View Post
I would hope if the module for the x-surf 100 is just to enable the back ports and comes with Poseidon/drivers then it should be half the price one would hope.
If your hopes had a foundation, I'd buy a couple of hundred units and shelve my developoment.

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