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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

That polling may be as fast as the PIO transfer from/to the X-Surf-100, but since you have to wait for the DMA to be completed, you always have some additional time to wait. As a result, I am claiming to have built the fastest networking solution for the Amiga that has ever been made.

Originally Posted by Kin Hell View Post
With the wait-states you refer to here, this would be why the G-Rex4000 would DMA into the Ram of the CSPPC or CSMKIII on it's backplane to CPU card connector & of course, give it a serious blistering speed.
From this & your explanation of the PIO transfer through the X-Surf100, how does it compare for speed/throughput with a G-Rex4000 setup using a Realtek based PCI NIC?

Er, not really wanting to quote myself, but....?

And also, what of the internal USB facility considering Internal functionality as valued by fitzsteve & myself (possibly others), with the the value (bang per buck) & Poseidon now being free?
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