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The more difficult task would be to find a new game idea which isn't common on PCs (egoshooter, racing, simulation, strategy, multiplayer etc.). The most game ideas are only copied from the old computers, but they're always bigger and faster - and need more hardware. The other types of games are very small games like Zuma, Bejeweld, Peggle usw. I prefer these more because they're loading quickly and are easier. I like these games on my Android phone, but I'm not sure if they are good for the Amiga.

If you want nice games, take a look at MS-DOS games. I've got more than 170 installed, using Boxer. A lot are Amiga conversions. They don't need much memory and often not even a 3D graphics card. For new games, I'd have no problem with remakes and/or continued series of existing games. On the C64, it worked with Turrican 3 from Smash Designs. It would be possible to enhance games to AGA. Interesting could also be a game designing set. There most games are basing on engines, f.e. SCUMM or Freescape (Castle Master), Turrican, Lemmings and whatever. With DPaint we have ideal methods to design sprites with animbrushes. For audio an enhanced protracker routine + two channels for effects should be possible.

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