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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I use a 720x576 mode for PAL since it has a little less borders than 800x600, however if you don't want any borders at all, you'll have to go with 640x480 and accept that it cuts a part of the picture. You can adjust which part will be cut and since many games don't use the full screen anyway, it is not a big issue. Too bad 640x512 is not a viable VGA resolution, but maybe your monitor would support it anyway if you tried?
Ok thanks for that, i will give those resolutions a go when next on the A1200!
And when you say you can adjust what part of the screen will be cut off when testing out resolutions, how do you do the adjustments?


800x600 for gaming on mine is a little pixelated but looks good, it isn't silky smooth because of lack of vsync atm, but it's definitely usable.
I'm not using any kind of tv scaling either!
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