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Hi! With my Indi AGA mk2 plus the cfg tool v1.2, i am using 1280x1024 for my Workbench and 800x600 for gaming! Both have been solid on my sony bravia lcd, Workbench fills the screen nicely and looks great.

What i was wondering is, if anyone had come up with a solution to make lower res games fill the screen better, as at the moment the 800x600 Res i am using and i think most other people are using, has a border around it which is most noticeable at the top and bottom of the screen.

I also tried using 640x480 but it cuts of part of the screen, and if i set anything above 800x600 all it does is shrink the game screen even more.

I'm not trying to fill the full 16:9 screen i have, just looking for a fullscreen 4:3 aspect with no borders when gaming.

Has anyone come up with a better resolution/setting for the mk2 for full screen gaming, that's better then my current 800x600 Res with borders?

Or should i just wait until the next cfg tool is released for more options etc!

Also with the indi mk2, to me it looks like it has seperate settings/cores for your workbench Res and for your gaming Res, as my workbench and game resolutions currently have different modes and resolutions setup for each of them, is this correct?

Thanks, Han.
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