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Hello there,

I'm new to this forum.

I had an e-mail exchange with the team behind Pier Solar. I wanted to produce an adaptation for classic Amigas.

Since I don't have any experience in coding game, I thought this e-mail can have some interest for some guys here. I've already send it to Sandro.

Here their answer :

Hello, Mathieu!

We truly appreciate your interest in working on it, but at this point Pier Solar is only ported by WaterMelon team itself.
However, we would like to know if you have experience in previous projects or games, if yes please share them with us, we may be interested into a collaboration for the future regarding to a project apart from Pier Solar.

Have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,
Ruby Woo
- WM
and my previous e-mail :


First of all, I'd like to congratulates you for the incredible work done on Pier Solar.

I don't know how to introduce my request, and I hope I'm not bothering you, but I'm interested about doing an adaptation on the Amiga 1200 computer and the CD32 of this game. As you know, the two machines are quite closes to the Genesis / Megadrive and I think this may be possible.

Since there is so much work, and what a work !, done on this game, I assume that there will be some rights to secure, in case you won't see any problem in my project. I'd like to know of much you estimate those rights. I'm nothing of a professional of the business and I'm only doing it not to make money but only to help provide the Amiga one great game.

For the conversion I may need the source code, the musics and all the graphics made for the game, and also the design of the packaging.

My project is to produce 500 or 1000 exemplars of the game, in classical old fashioned big boxes, in disks (I estimate around 10 disks for a conversion of the cartridge version) and CD-Rom for the CD32.

I was thinking about making a crownfunding to pursue this project, but I'd like to know, first of all if it is legally possible because I'm willing to make a start-up budget including all the cost before doing anything (that includes the rights, the salary of the conversion team and the production).

I hope you'll apologize my english. I'm sort of a french !

Regards, and respects, Hope to have an answer, even if it is negative,

Mathieu Castel.
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