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Originally Posted by Kin Hell View Post
@ Jens Schoenfeld

What about USB Module price guideline fo X-Surf100 please? - Just a Ball park figure & nothing meant to put you over a barrel, honestly and can you please comment on the DMA side of things with this X-surf100 & the DMA side of things with the USB module??
There is no DMA on my cards, and neither is there any DMA in the usual way on *any* PCI implementation of the Amiga. What they do is a DMA into PCI gfx card memory (which works great), and then polled-IO to transfer the data from GFX mem into Amiga memory. In essence, the DMA part on the PCI boards is a detour, because most PCI chipsets don't allow direct PIO.

X-Surf (both the 10MBit and 100MBit versions) are pure PIO designs, so in comparison to PCI cards, you skip one step in data transfer, which makes things faster. Remember the prime directive of optimization: The fastest operation is one that you don't execute. Network data doesn't belong in GFX memory.

There is only very few real DMA cards for the Amiga: GVP SCSI controllers, Fastlane (=4091) and Deneb.

I'm aiming at the "Subway" ballpark with the USB module price. You get two High-speed USB ports and a Poseidon license.

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