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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Awesome! The X-Surf 100 may be the fastest working Ethernet on any Amiga. It's certainly faster than a 100Mbit Ethernet Mediator card. There are some fpga boards around that may be faster if they had a working driver but they aren't for sale yet.
100Mbit Ethernet cards on Mediator boards will only offer poor 10Mbit transfer speeds because of Elbox DMA fudge. - Especially with Realtek Chipset NIC's.

A 10Mbit Ethernet card in a G-REX 4000 totally smokes a 100Mbit card in a mediator board. - A4KD or A4KT Mediator solution, even if with Realtek Chipset NIC on the G-REX 4000.

Elbox never got DMA right on any of their products....

@ Jens Schoenfeld

What about USB Module price guideline fo X-Surf100 please? - Just a Ball park figure & nothing meant to put you over a barrel, honestly and can you please comment on the DMA side of things with this X-surf100 & the DMA side of things with the USB module??


@ DonAmiga

Heh fella, u r a Darling.

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