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Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
Why only CRT
Hardly any flat screen supports 100Hz. The "latest and greatest" CRTs that were built up until a few years ago do support well over 100Hz. My personal favourite in my collection is an Iiyama MA203DT, because it supports 180Hz vertical and 110KHz horizontal, but also the often-needed-but-hardly-available 50Hz modes. The only drawback is it's weight: a 22" CRT is in the 25-kg class.

Further, a V-Synced output mode often looks crappy/teared on a flat screen anyway, because most flat screens have their own frame buffers that are updated "anytime", but not at Vsync time. You need to get a special "gamer" flat screen with V-Sync feature if you want smooth animation. Or a CRT :-)

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