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I take it that the X-Surf 100 you ordered from another Amiga dealer is going to be installed in the Amiga 4000 we repaired for you?

Don't you think I searched your web site first?

On Saturday, there was nothing on the search engine for X-Surf 100, nothing listed in ZORRO section & nothing listed in Networking that I saw @ the time. I even tried phoning you guys on Saturday late lunchtime, desperately hoping the cleaner might answer the phone & take an order. My work schedule can take me away from phones & networking during normal business hours for several days at a time & I didn't want a repeat ball ache event trying to acquire one as with other limited Individual products in the past.

And of course 'kin of course, who's Amiga did you think I'd be buying one for?

I might get back to you on this. Hold the phone......

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