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Originally Posted by lost_loven View Post
With the USB module can you use a usb flash drive as a bootable drive as well?, And besides how much it might cost, when will it be released?


Just ordered from Amigakit!!!! WOOT! thx!
Good question RE: the Bootable USB option, but RE the cost of the USB as an extra, look @ the X-Surf 100 this way.....

For 148-ish Euros to the door, I get a faster & better NIC card for my A4KD than anything previously released. If you were going to chuck it in an Amiga that doesn't have ZORRO III, then it might be a waste of time, but also don't forget, Jens has already agreed the cost of NIC cards for big-box Amiga's is silly already. Ariadne II cards are fetching a hefty price (more than X-Surf 100) & are slower on throughput. The only caveat with his card is it not working with other ZORRO boards, which isn't really a biggy as nothing is worth having unless you have a G-REX 4000. Sure, Elbox A4000 solutions are okay, but DMA is & always has been a real fudged event with their solutions, much like USB cards for the Amiga's. I'm hedging my bets that Jens is still using proper Commodore protocols & DMA is fully functional for this card, getting the faster transfer speeds on ZORRO III Amiga's with a better NIC chipset.

Golden rule here for the X-Surf 100 from what I have read & digested is, stick it in an A3K or A4K for best possible experience. RE: the USB side of things, I'm sure Jens has the rest of it in his hat.

....Kin hopes the USB module price doesn't bend the wallet too far & fully supports DMA in every manner....

C'mon Jens.....
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