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Thumbs up Greetings from Edinburgh!

Hi guys,

Brand new to this forum (or any forum). Thanks for having me.

I've just purchased an Amiga 600 and PCMCIA CF adaptor. Still waiting for the Amiga to come in the post. Bought an Amiga 500 from gumtree in the mean time to keep me occupied and get some practice!

The PCMCIA card has come in the post, but it has no disks with the fat95 driver and CFD.IHA drivers I'm thinking I'm going to need when the A600 finally come.

I want to use the Amiga with Aeigis Sonix soft synth and some tracker software to add to my existing music studio. I have these downloaded already on my computer, ready to transfer to the Amiga.

Is there anyone who has the drivers on floppy or could point me in the right direction? Any one who might be kind enough to post a copy or someone living around the Edinburgh area?

Dying to get back into Amiga stuff again as I've not used on since I was a teenager. Feels like xmas all over again!

Any advice or help would be MASSIVELY appreciated.
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