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Originally Posted by Eny- View Post
So, will there be a work-around for the problems reported for games? Maybe with updated software?

I wanted to get one but I use my miggy for gaming only.
There aren't really any problems with games as such. The only issue is that the lack of a 50Hz v-synced mode means that you can't get ultra smooth scrolling for PAL games. But even with support for such a mode, you still need a VGA monitor that can handle a 50Hz input, any many (probably most) cannot, as they don't need to in order to be within spec. The lowest vertical refresh frequency for VGA is something like 56Hz I think.

I've been quite happily using my Indi AGA MKII for gaming, it seems like an acceptable compromise to me to have scrolling that's slightly less than perfectly smooth when it means I can have a nice DVI output which I can use with any monitor.

It would be nice to have the option though. And it's a shame the AGA MKII doesn't when you consider that the Indi ECS and Indi AGA MKI do have this feature. The software is still in beta though, so yes, perhaps there is still hope in the form of a software update (new cores and config tool).
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