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X-bEnCh 0.90Beta is out and available on as usual.

Here is the release txt:

The history.txt is splited from the XB guide to light it a bit.(about20k)
A new icon is set for X-bEnCh.exe and
The was updated but the setup part is still outdated.

-Fixed the textgadgets display bug.
-Internals fixs.

-Fixed an init bug if no Top15 was previously created.
-Internal fixs.

-Empty Top15 crash fixed.
-Top15 is no more displayed if it blank.
-If no Top15 file exist, autocreate one.
-Fixed the display lag in the checkerboard loader screen when
accessing datas. (checkerboard v0.4)
-Now the music'll not end before the display is closed in the
checkerboard loader screen. (checkerboard v0.4)

-Fixed the "topupdate" command if no Top15 exist.

-Display refresh bug after deleting a file fixed.
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