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Big developers doesn't mean good and playable titles. Well, thanks god that I never had Sonic or Mario (give me a break) on my Amiga. And yes I will pay for a brand new Amiga game (as I always do), as I know that this game is developed on Amiga with passion and the Amiga user in mind, and not my pockets or my credit/debit card.

As of Flashback, for me it has the best animation from any other game, and as I have a PS3, I can assure you that it still has far better animation than some PS3 titles, and that's on a humble A500 running at 7MHz. Today developers have insane power but most of the titles are mediocre and of course unplayable and boring, they are just full of 3D stuff, Dolby Digital sound etc; no thanks.

To end this, yes I'm playing on both my PS3 and my A1200 of course. On PS3 I normally play any RockStar's game (do you remember DMA Design?) or Assassin's Creed from Ubisoft. But why those developers? Hm, probably they are in gaming industry since 80s-90s, so they know something about gameplay, whereas many new developers don't know exactly what this word means.
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