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Originally Posted by Vollldo View Post
It doesn't happen everytime at the same level. First time it happened for me was just after the first boss. The program loaded the second world (levels 11 to 20 so) but instead of displaying the level 11 it went back to the title screen. Sometimes it happens at any time. You clear a level and instead of scrolling to the next you have a black screen and it load the title sequence.

Hope it will help to correct this Galahad...

Well correction : since i didn't note the precise level where it happened each time, i can't affirm that it can happen "at any level". For sure it happens after having cleared the 1st boss. And NOT everytime. It happens later too, and FOR SURE between the levels 11 and 20 and also between the levels 21 and 30, i already experimented this. And NOT everytime too !
OK thanks, it certainly sounds checksum related.
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