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Re: @Codetapper

Originally posted by MarzAttakz

Umm, could you direct me to the site which has these patches then, since they are not on the WHDLoad page and they're not on any of the WHD members' spinoff sites (Action, Whirlpool, etc.)?
If you can't find them yourself then no. Hint: KYZER

Okay, I HIGHLY apologise for failing to notice this before, in fact I noticed the patch shortly after I posted that first message! Yes, I can admit I did bad in THIS part of the topic. How dumbass of me...
I finally agree with you on something...

Well, have you tried using the KickROM emulation idea? Jeff and Bored Seal use it regularly, and it appears to make compatibility of several old games a lot more tolerable. And I think you should try your hand at Cal 2 first and see what you get out of that, besides considering that Cal 1 was released somewhere in the late 80's and Cal 2 was released in 1991/92, I reckon you'll end up with better results. Don't most 80's Amiga games have several compatibility problems anyway?
What kind of a fuckwit do you take me for? I've done over 100 patches and you think I might not have tried the bleeding obvious? Of course I tried KickEmu and KickDos. That's all you can use on O/S friendly games like that!

I have been trying to work out what people mean by a game being too "O/S friendly". Perhaps you'd care to explain the term to me, 'Tapper?
They use the Amiga operating system calls legally rather than killing the operating system and doing everything dirty. These are a right pain-in-the-arse to patch.

Are you kidding??!! Considering that I haven't even learnt BASIC language to the extreme, there's a big chance that I'm going to be utterly HOPELESS at trying to understand assembler now, am I right? Even my sister, who's a 19-year old university student and a bigger computer literate than I am, was totally baffled and stuffed by said programming language. I bet you could handle it though since you must have taken other programming courses before that, and besides, doesn't it take nearly a whole DECADE to finally learn the ins and outs, every nook and cranny of assembler???
If you can't code then you could at least contribute (and I don't count requesting a tonne of games helping the cause). I did my first patches within a few months of learning, and I have never done a course on Amiga assembler. Get some books out. It doesn't take years to learn, just years to get good and fast. You don't have to understand the whole Amiga to start writing patches. Doing a few coverdisk games would be an easy start I would imagine, particularly any which were on Amiga Power compiled by Kenny Grant as he effectively cracked them back to standard loaders.
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