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C64 Standard Tape Interface

Hi Everyone !

I know this is not a C64 group, but a lot of you might still have the rusty old Amiga predecessor in the cupboard and might find this interesting...

I am releasing the schematics for an interface which enables ANY Tape Player to be connected to the C64 via its C2N interface and not just the hard-to-get C1531 Tape Recorder which was custom made for the Commodore Computers.

Also this interface enables you to directly connect the PC SoundCard output to the C64 and use some of the programs on the PC (DOS/Windows) to load the .TAP, .PRG, .T64, .P00, etc. to the C64 and turn the not-usefull PC into a huge tape file-server for the belowed C64

The interface uses only standard components (apart from the C2N connector) which can be easily bought today.

Ofcourse you build this at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any damage to any of your equipment. The interface works fine with all C64 I have tried so far so you shouldn't have any problems with it.

Link to the homepage :

If you want please post the link to this homepage on some news servers or your own homepages, since now there aren't any pages linking to it.

Have fun with it !
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