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Originally Posted by FreakyDan View Post
I have those files, but I am unable to change the output to 50hz. Its locked to 60hz.
Sorry, it seems you are correct. :-( I hadn't even tried it, as not a single one of my VGA monitors can handle a 50Hz input. This is a bit disappointing to be honest, as the Indi ECS and Indi AGA MK1 can definitely do it. The config tool (and I assume the cores) are still in beta though, so perhaps there is still hope.

I actually thought I had seen this feature advertised for the MK2 somewhere at some point. And actually, one could argue that even the current product description on the Vesalia website more or less implies it.

I was about to order another Indi AGA MK2 (I have another A1200 that needs a scan doubler), but perhaps I should wait. Does anyone know if the ScanJuggler is going to support 50Hz with v-sync?
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