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I used to borrow original games (yes, that was possible, there was one shop here where we could do it) and copy them with X-Copy. So in the end - I copied most and bought one (X-Copy).

Overall it was about 50 games I copied, just a little part of all games ever made, and some games were that crappy that I didn't copy them.

What makes the whole thing crazy: Back in these times it wasn't a problem to create and SELL a tool which gets around copy protections. Nowadays ANY tool or network is wanted to be destroyed by big-ass MPAA and other organizations.

The dimensions have changed. In the early nineties about four or five people developed a game, but now hundreds of people work on one software application or game. The quality of games has not become better IMHO, but development got more expensive. Probably this is the reason for companies having to fight piracy by these unconditional and partly law-breaking ways.

What's gone is privacy. ISPs giving out user profiles (yes, even in germany one person was busted (not yet, but they're working on it) because he did write about his "terroristic" views in a public forum -> but it was just sarcasm some people didn't want to understand) is just the beginning. With TCPA we'll have to say welcome to another age of big-ass bosses controlling the computer world...

BTW: Some years ago it was okay to copy a CD or LP to tape. Nowadays the music industry is screaming about MP3s and shit. Looks that they're just after money - but more excessive than in the past.
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