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Amiga Emu for the Xbox?

Hi Guys!

I was wondering if anybody here could help me out?
Im looking at putting the Amiga emu onto my xbox, Ive just got a few questions that I need help with before I do it.

1.. Where can I actually get the Amiga emu for the Xbox? I take it, its not the same one we all have on our pc's? Is it modified for just the xbox?

2.. Can I use the roms I have on Cloanto's Amiga Forever?

3.. How easy is it to put onto the Xbox?

4.. Percentage wise, how many games would you say it could play? Ive heard that it only plays a few games, is this true?

5.. Can you get the Xbox controller to work as a mouse?

6.. Is it possible to save games with the emu?

7.. How do you go about changing disks when prompted?

I thinks thats all the questions I have for now!!

Any help is gratefully appreciated!!
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