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Hi there!

Hi again, turns out my old account was deleted due to my being such a lazybones on here, so here we go again. I'm Jay (formerly Lazarou on here), a wannabe developer and freelance illustrator based in Ireland (shortly L.A).

I've been retrogaming since back when we just used to call it "gaming", and have a 500 and 1200, cpc464 and 6128, speccy 48 and 128, Dreamcast, Saturn, Megadrive and a trusty old '64. I've recently started to take my dev work a lot more seriously, and am working on several updates/spiritual sequels to games I loved as a kid (and a few a bit more recent than that).

Hopefully I can be a bit more active on here this time and actually make myself a little more useful. So hi all : )
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