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I'm pretty much on the same boat. For all its (mainly color) limitations, the 128k speccy was the machine that gave me more enjoyment out of the three by a large margin. Can't quite put my finger on it, I guess it was the detailed black/white art or the bigger resolution compared to C64 and CPC, but - ultimately - probably the speccy programmers just got the right idea about how the gameplay should be most of the time.

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You must look at software comparisons too The Spectrum versions of Outrun, Chase HQ and Enduro Racer left the other versions in the cold, The Amstrad CPC 464 version of Outrun LOOKS like it is quite a contender until you play it. The C-64 version is a complete joke and the Speccy 128k comes out as the best racer with detailed graphics, the arcade sound ported to the 128k machines perfectly and single load instead of multiload on the 128k version. I would please ask anybody to play Enduro Racer on the spectrum and THEN play the other 8 bit versions so you can make your own mind up about the good old speccy. The proof is in the pudding there was a vast difference in quality AND quality when it came to the spectrum the facts are all there. The C-64 only ran at 1mhz so the video capabilities were not as much use as they could have been. Sound sound sound ye ok but the C64 was only beating spectrum owners for a couple of years as the introduction of the 128k speccys had an AY chip installed basically the same sound capabilities as the Atari ST. I owned all three of the main 8 bits in the early days C-64/Spectrum128+2 and an Amstrad and I sold the Amstrad and C64 at the end of the 80's and kept my 128+2 as no mater how many times I debatedin my own head I knew which machine gave me REAL value entertainment with games that really did play, on the whole to me The Sinclair ZX Spectrum didn't break any promises.
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