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EAB/Lemon Super League 2013: Round 9 - IK+

EAB/Lemon Super League 2013: Round 9 - IK+

Starts: 00:01 July 28 Finishes: 23:59 August 17


Post a picture of your score here with the score written underneath. Enter as often as you like. Only scores achieved during the round's time frame count.

No cheating of any kind (including score leeching) - this includes save states. No continues/passwords allowed. If you suspect anyone of cheating please let us know in private - anyone found guilty will be banned for the entire season.

Play at the Default speed

Remember, anyone can join in at any time. Have fun and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


- WHDLoad-installed


- Results and standings
- Full rules and FAQ (incorporating the Hall of Fame)
- Lemon thread
- Live League Ladder

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