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Take a look at the links above, you can download some of my tunes made for the GAEB adventure from the music page.

This was something new for me (using 3 channels instead of 32) as I used to make XMs with FastTracker 2 only...

BTW: If you don't get into the PMD file format and how to use the "converter" I'll pack those seven tunes into a solid RAR file and up it to the zone.

EDIT: I don't have any special music styles, but when it's about XMs I prefer making metal music or slow electronic/ambient(?) tunes.

The resulting MODs aren't 100% ProTracker compatible (saved with FastTracker 2), but WinAMP and DeliPlayer play it the correct way. Loading them into PT3.61 and saving them again will "fix" them. FT2 uses a slightly different frequency table which some replayers doesn't like.

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