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Originally Posted by mdrejhon View Post
Did you enable the WinUAE software-based black frame insertion feature, for reduced motion blur at 60fps@120Hz and at 50fps@100Hz? (To see how black frame insertion reduces motion blur, see TestUFO: Black Frame Insertion Demo in a supported web browser such as Google Chrome.

Also, have you enabled LightBoost 2D on your 120Hz monitor? If you're using one of the 120Hz monitors that includes LightBoost? One of the WinUAE developers now use a Lightboost monitor now.
Haven't enabled lightboost (I though lightboost was only enabled in 3D mode, which again locked the refresh rate to 60hz). I will definitely check it out. I don't notice any motion blur though. I've got an ASUS VG278Q.
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