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The upload section is ready for business again.

To be able to upload, you must set up your own account on the FTP server. If you only want to download stuff, there is no need.

You can create your own account, for uploading, from here:

Once created, you can log in with your selected username and password. Create a folder in ~Uploads with the same name as your selected username. Notice that it is case sensitive so select your username properly.

For those of you that already have an upload folder in ~Uploads, create the user with the exact same name to get access to your old folder. If you want to rename the folder first (or afterwards for that matter) to match a more suitable username, let me know.

If you have problems reaching the URL above due to the unconventional port, I can add you manually. PM your desired username and password.

Explanation since some people seem to misunderstand:
1: Wanted username -> This is your own unique username. You can not select "ftp" or any username that has already been taken.
2: Wanted password -> Select whatever you want as password.
3: Question -> The name of the computer we all love, namely: amiga

When you see this, you have entered everything correctly.

200 User (test) successfully added.

Update: Seems people have problems understanding the concept of this. You are supposed to create your own username and password, not a variant of the user called "ftp". So here a new rule: If you create a user that does not log in within the first 7 days, it will be deleted and that name will be blocked for creation. It will have to be readded by moderators if needed.

In other words, if you create an account, log on to it at least once before 7 days have passed from creation to "verify" it. This is a one time thing. You will not have to keep logging in every 7 days =)


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