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Why register your own account on the TURRAN FTP when the "ftp" account works just as well? There are a few reasons.
The "ftp" account has a limit on concurrent logins (1) and might ban you for a few hours/days if you stay on for to long.
If you do not want to register, you can use our google drive instead, available here:

Your own registered account does not have such limits and is required if you want to upload.

To create your own account, you must be a member of the EAB Forums here, have at least 50 posts to your name and your last post can be no older than 5 days. If you only just arrived to EAB with nice things to upload but do not yet have the posts to create an FTP account, let me know and I'll add you manually.

You can create your own account from here:

When you see this, you have entered everything correctly and can log in to the FTP.

200 User (<your name>) successfully added.
Once created, you can log in with your selected username and password.
To upload, create a folder in ~Uploads with the same name as your username. Notice that it is case sensitive.

Some notes: I strongly recommend you get a proper FTP client instead of using a browser. FileZilla is free. If using filezilla, configure it to only use max 2 connections to the EAB FTP with your own account (if using the anonymous account ("ftp"), configure it to only use 1 connection).

The TURRAN FTP (The Ultimate Retro Repository for Amiga Nuts) is in no way owned or handled by the registered EAB (English Amiga Board) owner. Our interests just fit together. Please note that donations made on the EAB Forums goes towards EAB. Donations made from the link at goes towards the FTP owner.


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