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wanting to experiment, using Amiga (emulator) as my day to day machine, need advice

Morning guys, as an experiment wanting to see how Amiga stands up to my every day computer needs by doing it in an emulator. I bought Amiga forever in 2000 so I own the roms, I sold my A1200T PPC in 2000 after using Amiga/Workbench/OS3.1 for many years.
Can anyone recommend the best way to get workbench/amiga os running in an emulator? (Winuae? Morphos? Aros?)

Can you recommend any add ons for it
make it look better than stock?

What's the current best browser? Mail client? Photo editing? Is there anything for editing video? Best video player? Do I need anything to view pdf, jpg, png etc?

What's best for docx files (viewing and editing)

Any help appreciated with this
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