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Hey, we are planning to create a game on GAEB, too - and we just started. It should become a kind of point-and-click adventure and unluckily I have to say that it seems we're stuck at the moment. Perhaps it's just a too big project for us...

Anyway, I see RetroMan working on the game code (BlitzBasic 2), Leva (coordinator) working on the story and the game design and MombasaJoe and me working on the tunes. We're motivated and we've allready thought about something very common - MODs with shared sampledata.

Nothing special happened yet (we are just at the start, the character profiles and some tunes are ready) but I can offer these links for anyone who's interested:

Main developer's page: - german only

Music page (all MODs 3 Channels only - one channel left for SFX): - german & english

I could (and would) contribute MODs to a possible EAB game (but I'm quite sure somebody here could do it better).
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