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Thinking of it, I don't know if there'd be trouble for giving away the boing ball?

and then this:

at the time I thought, a ROM patcher that did that would be well received on the
particular forum, but I'm not sure you get to extend the length of the original "Amiga" bitmap to say something else.
(and the longer wrist is stupid anyway.

I don't think a Sony PSP program will be any good for Amiga land:
but extended it to PC.
It can view in monochrome, 8 bit (with some random palette), 16bit (RGB565), and 24 bit.
but I think the Amiga (bitplanes you might call them) layers are between 1 and 8 bit where 1 pixel is worth 4 bits or so.
It needs a tweak for that in the case of "Amiga", "Workbench", or "V1.3" text, etc.
The actual blue disk might still be RLE or something.

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