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Well it works nicely in gfxrip but im not sure whats the distance, i can move fast to rip first AM type but not that fast in maptapper cause that type needs to adjust Y offset with W/S + shitf so very similar speed would be nice in maptapper, also X offset change with shift works good, could be tiny bit faster but its ok and in maptapper its tooo fast i think its entire window so if letter A is on bottom then after W/S + shift B is on top and this is too big distance and i have to switch very often to using only W/S without shift and this is too slow.
I think shift+ arrow jumps through entire one grid so its grid size dependant but thats tooo fast for W/S.
In gfxrip S + shift jumps from 1 to 9 then to 17, 25, 33.

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