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Originally Posted by zenowik View Post
wow how did you do it? i tried to rip the sprites with gfxrip but i couldnt figure out if it was ST or something else
i tried maptapper and it works better, i found the sprites easily
Now ill try for the moonstone and fightin spirit, thanks for that rip
-- ugh finding palette in maptapper is terrible, its easy in gfxrip but here i must swap colors around with 1-8 keys myself
hmm i guess bitplane order have to be 12345678 cause now it worked
Looks like ST mode in gfxripper is wrong and not accurate
To be fair, GfxRip doesn't actually have an Atari ST mode at all, what it calls ST is in fact just Amiga interleaved data. Atari ST mode in Maptapper is the actual screen format the Atari ST uses hence why it is able to rip the graphics easily.

I agree the palette stuff needs some work (which I am working on) but I ripped those graphics from the Amiga version of IK by meynaf so the palette was perfect to begin with.
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