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Question Crackling sounds :(

Hi guys.

So, I've always had a bit of an issue with sound buffering on some more demanding games (ei: Aladdin, Alien Breed 3D etc). But usually putting the sound buffering up to 3 or 4 does the trick as long as I don't play around with filters too much. I recently found a fun site where I can get a super configured Workbench and it works great. Bit of crackling happened when playing mods, but again, sound buffering to 4 made it okay again. I don't like using it beyond that as I get a delay in audio.

I couldn't try the iGames, their not there, but I still have my vast collection and proceeded to install Colonization. Works fine but I noticed the resolution was a bit off, so I tweaked it in Filters. There was always a bit of crackling happening anyway but If I get all the pixels perfect in the Filters Menu and everything look amazing, but sound crackling is pretty bad.

I looked how to resolve it (not much information sadly) but I found this
Not the same problem as me but same crackling it seems and the guy mentions turning to an older version of winUAE.

Basically my question is, is this necessary, or what would my other options be? Currently I am using the latest version of winUAE

Thanks in advance for helping me
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