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New to forum and Amiga Emulators

Hello guys,

Thank you for allowing me to grace your forum!

I know it may sound nooby but I have just joined this forum in the hope of being able to rejuvenate my Amiga Music-X program to get some old songs from it. Not having either a floppy drive or the knowledge to turn the original AF58a Music-X disc into an ADF, I thought i'd turn to you guys!

OK, firstly... what Emulator should I use? Any good choices out there (and locations of the downloads)?
Next... will it work with my PC card's midi connections? I have an M-Audio 2496 with midi connections. will the emulator see that as a connection?
Finally... where can I find the Music-X adf file (as the Zone no longer exists)? As stated above, I have an original floppy of the free cover disc but cannot get the files off due to lack of floppy drive or Amiga! I also have a Music-X utilities disc but have no idea what is on it!

I know I sound all wet round the ears and am looking for someone to hold my hand and change my nappies etc but any help would be appreciated. I am normally good with finding stuff on t'internet but this has me flummoxed!

I would be eternally grateful for any assistance, no matter how big or small it may be!
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