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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Their website is

According to the Writer's Group Film Corp (WRIT:OTC US) filings. The purchase of Amiga Games Inc is in fact $500k in cash AND $500k in stock. So a cool $1M

Plus they intend to sell on Android via Google Play
I don't know what you have seen in the filings, would be very interested to have access to your source. If you mean SEC filings, the most recent one is the annual report (form 10-K) filed on July 15, 2013 and it was delayed - but it's for fiscal year ending on March 31, 2013 - so there's obviously nothing about the acquisition of Amiga Games Inc. The previous one is dated March 6, 2013 and is about the replacement of the corporate secretary. I guess that we will have to wait for the next Quartely report (form 10-Q) which will be released in the September/October period, to see more figures about the deal.

In the official press release it's written "The Amiga Games Inc. transaction consists of the acquisition of 100% of the common stock in Amiga Games Inc. in exchange for Writers' Group common stock and cash valued at approximately $500,000." which means 500 k$ (and not 1 M$) for a yet unknown combination of cash and stock. Knowing that their stock value is currently negative including costs, I guess that cash is the most likely option now (excluding projections).

Btw the information about Google Play is great. Let's see if Apple comes next. If so, it's probably time to buy some WRIT stock.
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