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Originally Posted by zenowik View Post
wow it had best IK graphics from all the games hey meynaf is it possible for you to somehow rip the sprites easier than me cause i have to do it frame by frame? I really would like to get all the sprites from it , basically all graphics .Do you have the sourcecode and original graphics ?
I know theres *.art files inside of that lzx , is it possible to unpack them as images or something ?
I also checked original ST file of inter karate and it has the same ART files, so knowing the sourcecode are you able to view and unpack these ART files ?
Of course I don't have the original source code.
I used graphics files "as is" from the ST version.

But I can unpack them. I had to do it to check no files were damaged. If you can grab a screen on an Amiga then i can give you the small viewer i made (if i can find it back ). Then you can easily grab them all and get iff files ; however i have nothing to convert them directly.

Alternatively, if you can write conversion code by yourself, i can tell you how these files are packed. It's not a complicated format.
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